Summer Bloom Competition


Great Ormesby & District Garden Club

Summer Bloom Competition 2016

Hanging Basket, Tub or Window Box


Thia Competition is in its 5th year, is for members to produce a display of their choice, join in the fun and enjoy making your basket tub or window box or any container it is free to enter.


Judging takes place on Saturday 9th July 2016 this year


This year our judging of the competition will change to encourage more to enter (only 6 entered last year) A member of the committee wil go round and take photos of the entries and then these will be judged by the club members at one the the meetings.


Judging criteria is based on general attractiveness and visual appeal, items other than plants can be used but all plants and flowers have to be real and entries have some flowering aspect


A Trophy is awarded and presented at the AGM on November


The trophy is contested for Annually by members


Winner for 2012 and 2013 was David Morley

Winner for 2014 was Gillian Saker

Winner for 2015 was Gillian Saker

Winner for 2016 were